Platform for the Accelerated Realization, Analysis, & Discovery of Interface Materials

An NSF Materials Innovation Platform


Along with an annual REU program, PARADIM will offer hands-on research experiences for local undergraduates year-round in the crystal growth facilities. In addition, educational materials will be available to users of PARADIM in the form of on-line short courses as well as a Materials-by-Design Toolbox that provides open-source software and databases to users on-line.

A signature outreach program will be the annual PARADIM Summer Schools on Materials Growth and Design, where graduate students, post-docs, young faculty, and industrial scientists are immersed in a seminar and hands-on workshop environment to learn techniques in bulk and thin film crystal growth, theory, and characterization. Workshops will also be held that are industry focused.

PARADIM will conduct these free summer school programs involving hands-on use of PARADIM facilities to help educate PARADIM’s “community of practitioners” and advance the field through the cross-fertilization of ideas. PARADIM will also serve as a focal point for training the next generation of technologists—people who are accustomed to designing and creating new interface materials with atomic precision and have the skills necessary to capitalize on useful new interface material ideas and make them a reality.

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