Platform for the Accelerated Realization, Analysis, & Discovery of Interface Materials

An NSF Materials Innovation Platform


General Inquiries Regarding the PARADIM User Program should be directed to Dr. Lynn Rathbun [Email]

PARADIM is an NSF sponsored Materials Innovation Platform devoted to new interface materials by design.

PARADIM encourages user proposals within its technical focus area from researchers in Academia, Industry, and Government, from the US and worldwide. Getting started at PARADIM is simple. Access to PARADIM is via a brief proposal process. Access under approved proposals is Free of Charge for US Academic Users. Access by non-US and industrial scientists is via a fee for service mechanism. For details, please contact PARADIM.

For PARADIM access, please consider the following steps:

  1. You need a good Materials by Design idea that is appropriate for PARADIM. PARADIM’s resources will be focused on New Interface Material by Design
  1. The next step would be to discuss this idea with PARADIM technical staff, Idea Ambassadors, and/or Facility Directors.
  • Is the project appropriate for PARADIM (i.e. related to new Interface Materials by Design)?
  • Is the project compatible with the equipment/software resources in PARADIM?
  • Which PARADIM resources are best suited to this project? How much time might be required?
  • What experience does PARADIM have in this area?

You may also review the equipment and software resources available via the PARADIM web site.

If you are interested in collaboration (optional), the PARADIM Idea Ambassadors may be able to suggest other PARADIM users/interested parties with complementary skills with whom you could form a team. Please use the PARADIM staff and other resources to vet your ideas and to form at least an initial experimental plan.

  1. Review PARADIM usage, access, publication, and data management policies. Review the proposal review criteria.
  1. Write and submit a brief proposal to PARADIM. Your proposal should address the PARADIM review criteria, namely
  • The scientific opportunity, approach, and significance,
  • Expertise in scientific domain of proposed research (Expertise in equipment and software operation will be supplied by PARADIM staff as necessary); Also, results of prior PARADIM work (if any),
  • Appropriateness for PARADIM facilities,
  • Alignment of the science with PARADIM’s technical focus (New Interface Materials),
  • Methods and metrics for assessing material quality and implementation of Materials-by-Design methodology.
  1. Your proposal will be reviewed by our external reviewers and you will be notified within 4 weeks. Proposals cover a one year time span.

Initially we will be accepting proposals laboratory access for

  • Computation/Theory (remote to Clark Atlanta University)
  • Bulk crystal growth (at Johns Hopkins)
  • Electron Microscopy at Cornell

Thin film epitaxy will be available at Cornell at a later date. Initially (4Q2016) for standard (established recipes) on 2 stand alone MOCVD systems, and later (2Q2017) via the full integrated MBE/MOCVD/ARPES system.

“Semi-standard samples” (grown by PARADIM staff to established recipes- both bulk crystal and thin film) will be available later in 2016. A list of available Semi-standard samples will be posted on this website.

Please address any questions regarding the PARADIM user program to

Dr. Lynn Rathbun
Assistant Platform Director/User Program
Email / 607.254.4872