Platform for the Accelerated Realization, Analysis, & Discovery of Interface Materials

An NSF Materials Innovation Platform

Industrial Outreach

PARADIM actively cultivates participation from new and existing industry partners. For both users (see below), and especially to inform our Mission, PARADIM has established a strategy of Industrial Outreach.

PARADIM is dedicated to advancing our world-class research program and suite of instrumentation aimed at synthesis and analysis of a range of two-dimensional (2D) material systems.

Our Industry partners have interests in wafer-scale films of graphene, MoS2 and other 2D materials. Their technologies depend on optimization of properties inherent to, and interfaces of particles and other materials with, these 2D hosts.

The team at PARADIM understands that technology advancement can be enabled and accelerated by the research and facilities of the Platform; but that advancements in integrated devices utilizing these 2D materials will best occur in private industry.   By establishing and nurturing an ongoing conversation with Industrial Partners, PARADIM will ensure our program is aimed at relevant long-term industry challenges.

As a user-facility, PARADIM is open for business, ready to engage with your team to provide unparalleled expertise and instrumentation at design / modeling, synthesis and analysis of 2D materials systems of interest.

We offer several modes of interaction, tailored to the challenge your team is currently facing. Contact us today to learn more.